Music is the highest art and, to those who understand, is the highest worship.

Art is — representing the beautiful.  There must be Art in everything.

All poetry, painting, and music is feeling expressed through words, through colour, through sound.

The greatest aid to this practice of keeping God in memory is, perhaps, music.

नाहं  वसामि  वैकुण्ठे  योगिनां  हृदये न च |

मद्भक्ता यत्र  गायन्ति  तत्र तिष्ठामि नारद ||

Narada, I do not live in heaven, nor do I live in the heart of the Yogi, but where My devotees sing My praise, there am I.”

Music has such tremendous power over the human mind; it brings it to concentration in a moment.


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